Order Credentials from Parchment

The link above provides you with the ability to request your high school transcripts online securely through Parchment.  Once you request your transcript online you will be notified by e-mail when your request has been processed by SHS and received by your college destination.  There is also the capability to store an unofficial copy of your student transcript in your free Parchment account as well as track where your transcript has been sent on your behalf.

When you place your transcript order the “SEND NOW” option will deliver your current or most recent transcript available but if you choose “HOLD FOR GRADES” a 7th semester (mid year) or final (end of year with graduation date) transcript can be sent when ready for processing, typically early February for mid year and by the third week in June for a final or end of year transcript!  Graduating seniors please remember to place your final transcript request before the end of July since a $3.25 fee will be charged for all alumni requests beginning August 1st! Seniors make sure you add a second personal e-mail address in your Parchment account profile so you can continue to use Parchment for all your future transcript needs!

Parchment Quick Start Guide – If you need additional help creating your Parchment please check this out!