First They Killed My Father--1st Block (B)
Loung Ung:Loung is a five-year-old intelligent little girl who was always adventurous. She grew up with three sisters and three brothers. She was in the middle class of Cambodia and was kind of a brat. She wouldn't sit still; she would always kick her legs or just annoy her sisters to the point to where they would get angry. Throughout the book she begins to mature.
Chou Ung:Chou is Loung's eight-year-old sister. She is very quiet in the beginning and does exactly as her mother tells her without question. Loung's mother is always comparing them, saying how lady like Chou is and how beautiful. Pa:Pa was a very happy person. He loved his family very much especially Loung. He used to always stick up for Loung when Ma when say she was behaving badly. He used to be a buddhist monk and still is a peaceful man. He had a moon shaped face as Loung would put it and was always smiling.

Keav Ung:Keav is fourteen years old and was very beautiful for her age. Her father would always take cation with her when bringing her out in public. Boys would love to have her as a wife and was afraid that someone would come and take her. Khouy Ung:Khouy is sixteen years old and was kind of the bad boy type. He didn't do anything necssarily bad he just played the part. He would ride his motorcycle into town trying to show off for the pretty girls. Meng Ung:Meng was eighteen years old and was completly the opposite of Khouy. He was sort of the book smart guy. Very sweet and kind especially to his younger siblings. Kim Ung:Kim is ten years old was a little mischievous. He was a black belt and loved to watch fighting movies. He would always jump around like a monkey throwing high kicks in the air like the people he watched on the movies. Ma:Their mother was very beautiful. She was such a lady and always trying to teach her girls how to be fine wives in the future. Giving good examples and table manners.