The Power of One
One symbol in the book is the Crystal Cave of Africa- this is a symbol because when Peekay and Doc find the cave they decide to call it the Crystall Cave of Africa. A symbol because it shows how beautiful Africa is on the inside. Africa is really a nice place to be if you can get to the inside and understand it. This is unlike the out side where every body is killing each other and extremely racist. During the book Peekay seances that Doc dies in the cave. Peekay goes to visit the cave and when he is there he discovers the power of one in side him self again. The cave is to become the tomb of Doc and eventually Peekay. Then in future years the cave will become a monument for everybody to see that Peekay and Doc have become part of Africa. The cave also shows that inside of every thing African there is beauty not corruption and evil like every sees and be lives.
Another symbol in the book is Boxing this is a symbol because many people through put Africa became very involved with the sport. The sport shows people dedicated to many things and the time devoted to training. This shows how much people are willing to do in order to succeed at many things that they wanted to. All of the people in Africa are becoming very attracted to boxing and the betting and skill involved in the sport. With all these people starting to surround boxing it is no wonder why it is a symbol in Africa and why all the people enjoy watching or participating in the sport.


The power of one- this is a symbol because this is were the term originated from. This is shown by Peekay because in the book he states that he has found the power of one again and then made his own decisions that made his life better. It is a symbol because everybody in Africa is learning to find the power of one in side of them. People all around can find the power of one inside them they just have to dig deep and conquer the power up and be able to handle it. Peekay had mastered this skill and so have many other people. Some examples are Doc, Geel Piet and Peekay these are a few of the people who have mastered the conquering of the power of one. This is why the power of one is a symbol